Understanding Cruisers and Choosing One for Yourself

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There is nothing more comfortable and enjoyable than getting around in a cruiser bicycle on a warm winter evening or cool summer days. Riding a bicycle is also quite an excellent and practical option for the people who actually are not very serious cyclists.

Cruiser bicycles are very popular in few of the countries including Netherlands and Denmark due to the fact that people usually commute using bicycles in these countries. There are various elements of these bicycles that make them ideal for occasional as well as daily use and are also available in varying prices and styles.

Styles of Cruiser Bikes…

Amsterdam Style Bikes… These cruisers are extremely durable and can be used to get around town, city or suburb on a usual day. In comparison to mountain and road bikes, cruisers are a little heavier and this is what makes them luxurious in regards to other bikes. These bikes may also have a rear rack that can take a substantial amount of weight and forms part of the frame instead of an accessory. Some bikes may also have front lights, fenders, chain guards, and coat/skirt guards etc.

Beach-Style Bikes… There is a huge array of styles and colors available when it comes to beach cruiser bikes. Some of them may also have artistic and creative paints applied to them. Just similar to that of Amsterdam-style bikes, these may also have chain guards, however do not usually have fenders and rear racks. Since beach cruisers appeal to creativity, fun and fashion, they are ideal for beaches, flat city and town, but are not really all-purpose as the previously mentioned type.

Choosing and Purchasing a Cruiser…

If you are looking forward to get one of those cool cruiser bikes, first of all determine which sort of cruiser is perfect as per your requirements. The range for these bikes starts from $400 and goes up to $2000. Some of major manufacturers of Amsterdam style bikes include Gary Fisher, Electra, Dutch Bikes, and Fuji.

On the other hand, beach bicycles are also manufactured by a plenty of companies. Fuji and schwinn has a lifestyle cruiser line of bikes, whereas Electra has townie and cruiser line of bikes that is somewhere between the beach bikes and the Amsterdam-style.

You may still be confused on which type of bike you should buy, however the solution is straightforward and simple. Just go online and read reviews of bicycles on the most reliable websites. Moreover if you are going to do many chores on the bicycle, riding on it all the times, an Amsterdam-style might be the right option for you. Conversely for more of a fun riding experience to go around the neighborhood or during nice weathers then beach cruisers will be your ideal choice.

It is also advised to not to go by the big-box stores services that do not come with test rides, free maintenance and tune-ups, and take your decision wisely.

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Understanding Cruisers and Choosing One for Yourself

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Understanding Cruisers and Choosing One for Yourself

This article was published on 2013/06/18