Mahindra Mojo Review - Mahindra's 300cc Superbike for India

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With the advent of new technologies in biking industry, mahindra introduced its all-new fascinatingly shiny looking bike Mahindra Mojo. The bike is full of life and is as cool as its name. When mahindra released this bike, people were on their toes to grab the first look of the bike. Now that mahindra has launched the bike officially, people need to know the specifications and cons of the bike. Let's get started with the sneak of the bike.

Looks and styling: Amazingly Mahindra has proved that they are not limited to productions of tractors and mopeds. Mojo is an powerful 300cc bike that any biker would easily attract to. From the headlight to the taillight, everything appears to be stylish in the bike. The bike has got a royal look with its new twin retro headlamps and the metallic finished body. Mahindra has also used aero dynamics technology to make mojo better in speed and design. Moreover, Mojo has double exhausts that will definitely take you in outer space. The shock absorbers are placed upside down i.e. inverted providing the bike with more stability and power. The seat and fuel tank synchronization has also helped Yamaha bring in some eyeballs towards Mojo. The bike will prove to be a benchmark when it comes to styling in an 300cc engine.

Features: Well, there is so much to talk about in features for Mahindra's Mojo. First off the cutting edge aerodynamic design that lets you gain more speed by cutting the speed of air is an innovation in itself. The engine, one of the most important parts of the bike, is of 300cc. The engine is tested in Italy before coming to India, thus can bet on its power and speed. The engine works on liquid cooled technology. Mahindra also used DOHC technology with 4-valves such that the mean machine will generate more power.

Most importantly, the thing that makes this bike worth to look out for is its Ducati Energia EFI technology i.e. the fuel injection system that is recognized as one of the best in the world. The fuel injection technology not only helps the bike remain stable but also maintain proper fuel efficiency as regards the capacity of the engines. Mojo's design is unique because of the differently looking headlight with high power LEds.

Handling and control: Mojo is one of the easiest vehicles to handle. Mojo is the first bike to come up with the unique inverted shock absorbers. Repeatedly it was proven that inverted shock absorbers absorb more shocks than the normal ones do and let the bike remain stable. Mojo is also powered by gas charged Monoshock rear suspensions that not only result in a smoother ride but also ensures greater power. All the features mentioned above make mojo an excellent bike.

Overall, there are so many features (apart from those mentioned above) that will make any youngster may want to buy the bike in a instant second. From tyre design to disc braking system everything is great on efficiency.

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Mahindra Mojo Review - Mahindra's 300cc Superbike for India

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This article was published on 2010/10/22