It is time to get a new cruiser

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Riding cruiser bikes is a good way for recreation especially during the lazy summer afternoons for children as well as adults. It also has its own health benefits and is an interesting and easy way to stick to your exercising regime. These bikes generally have a retro or vintage look which makes one recall the times when these were first introduced.

History of cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes were first introduced to attract the younger crowd who were not serious bikers. The first cruiser bikes launched were very versatile and durable to be used by both men and women. With time, these models were modified and many new features were added. Some of these also offered opportunities to the bike owner to customize it and add features as per his desires such as designer handles, a pannier, designer seat, leather grips and gears for multiple speed levels for putting stuff.

Features of beach cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes are designed for beach rides which is why these perform the best at flat surfaces. These have long and rounded handles and edges. From the handle grip to the gears, everything about the cruiser bikes can be customized as per the owner’s choice. The two most popular styles of cruisers used these days are Amsterdam style and beach style bikes. The former ones, the Amsterdam style bikes are suitable for use in cities, towns and suburbs. These are heavier in weight with a rack at the back which is a part of the design. This rack has high capacity for holding heavy weight. The other type, beach cruiser bikes are available in a wide range of colors and designs, some of them painted in beautiful patterns. Unlike the all- purpose Amsterdam bikes, the beach bikes are light weight bikes preferred for a beach ride and are generally preferred for fun riding.  

Choosing a cruiser bike

The first step for choosing a cruiser is to decide your budget. These bikes come in a very wide range of prices starting from $200 to $1200 and above. You can look for your options in a bike store or online. You need to check all the features of the bike in detail. Some of the cruiser sellers also offer various options to customize your bike at discounted prices. So in case you have something in mind regarding customization of your bike, you can look for the options available with them. If you want to go with the online buying option, cross compare the shipping options and prices as well.

Although the looks of the bike is an important factor, you don’t have to buy the bike that you see first. The market is full of options in cruiser both in features and looks. You can also install accessories on your bike such as round metallic handles, a stylish paint, a basket at front, etc. to make it more attractive as well as increase its utility.

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It is time to get a new cruiser

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It is time to get a new cruiser

This article was published on 2013/06/18