Bike Locks – Do I Really Need to Buy One?

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Whether you have invested in a fancy mountain bike or got yourself a great deal from a garage sale, you still want to make sure that you are able to take your ride outside of your home without the worry of it getting stolen.

It is thus, that the question of whether or not you really need to buy yourself a bike lock is quite redundant. However, while purchasing an appropriate lock for your bike, you many need to take into considerations such as strength, usability, shape, design and weight.

Depending on the value and size of your ride, and also where you plan on leaving it, there are is a wide range of locks such as bike U locks and cable locks that you can choose from.

1. Who are you Protecting your Bike from?

A crucial consideration while selecting a bike is, ‘who is likely to steal it?’ For example, at your university, thefts tend to a matter of convenience when one is able to spot a bike that has no lock on it. On the other hand, if you plan on leaving your bike out when visiting downtown or a busy city centre, you are dealing with seasoned thieves who may have lock-picks, crowbars and other tools to help. Furthermore, leaving your bike out for hours a stretch during class or for a few minutes while dropping of your mail also come with different risks. Depending on your personal needs, you can select from a range of bike cable locks, U locks and even invest in an additional bike lock chain.

2. What Locks can you Afford to Buy?

It is important that you get the best possible bike lock that you can afford. The cost of these locks is always going to be less than the cost of replacing a lost bike. A standard recommended budget for your lock is about 10% of the total value of your bicycle.

Furthermore, if your bicycle is very expensive, consider using a combination of bike cable locks, U locks and other gear when leaving it out in an unsafe area for a long period of time.

Bike U Locks and O Locks are ideal for enthusiasts who own heavy duty bicycles. These locks tend to fit in easily through the frame, wheel and stand, and their unique design makes its much more difficult to for thieves to pry them apart.

However, it is important for owners to understand the strengths and limitations of each lock system and purchase the one that satisfies their personal needs the most.

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Bike Locks – Do I Really Need to Buy One?

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Bike Locks – Do I Really Need to Buy One?

This article was published on 2013/04/11