A Hiking Experience without Outdoor Equipment

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Do you think that there is no need to set out so many outdoor equipments while going out for an excursion? Is that always true of going forward with one's burdens discarded? No, not exactly! The essential outdoor equipments can protect travelers from harm in the harsh outdoor environment. So you should be fully prepared even though going on one day trip. This is a case of mountaineering without outdoor equipment several years ago I had experienced.

One Saturday, I went out for mountain climbing with my friends. One of them had prearranged with some mountain climbing enthusiasts without notifying me in advance. I who dressed in shorts left home with a phone, a bottle of water and one package of cookies setting out to my destination.

We met in the foothills. At the sight of big backpacks they carried, I had no special feelings, and still considered this trip to be an ordinary mountain climbing which had safe and dependable tarmac roads. However, this was not that case. At the beginning, we walked some distance on the tarmac and then stalked away from it to wade along the stream until there was no alternative. Then our leader with his compass broke a new path to be climbed up. And since then we crawled around ten hours and crossed countless hills with our energy and will.

Weeds harmed my legs and my hands. Branches messed up my hair and the slippery landside web my feet. More, the small bottle of water I brought that had been finished in the very beginning. I was so exhausted and thirsty. At that moment, I appreciated those fellows who had brought big backpacks. I was thankful for the things they had brought and shared, such as food, drinks, fruits, medicine, knife, alpenstock, flashlight, etc. What I drunk and ate in the last several hours were supplied by them. Besides, their medicine helped my friend went through the difficult several hours after being stung by the bee. It was their sharing that helped me finished this lifelong memorable interesting mountaineering trip. And the mutual help allowed us to complete our journey tenaciously. Though my whole unprepared ten hours climbing trip was wonderful and unforgettable, it was filled with wounds because of the lack of preparation, especially for my feet with casual shoes.

Make abundant preparation before going out for outdoor activities. Never go mountaineering with shorts and casual shoes. And do not forget to bring enough water and foods. You can be unprepared. However, a pair of comfortable hiking shoes will be an exception. I hope you will never go through the similar experience to mine.

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Even though you are tired of preparing equipments, do not forget to get a pair of comfortable hiking shoes before your outdoor activities. You will not compunctious for that.

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A Hiking Experience without Outdoor Equipment

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A Hiking Experience without Outdoor Equipment

This article was published on 2013/08/13